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Most people automatically think of buying a motorhome for their main holidays each year, however, a great deal of motorhomes are known to sit on driveways or in storage for over 11 months of the year, which is a huge waste of resource and opportunity. So have you given thought to how you could use your motorhome?

Everyone when purchasing or hiring a motorhome should give careful thought to the size of the vehicle they want and what they would like to use it for apart from annual holidays, weeks at a time or is it just for short breaks and weekends during the summer?

Have you thought about using a motorhome for days out with the family or taking the grandchildren just for a day out to the beach or to a theme park? On day trips, if there are traffic problems on the way you can always stop, have a break, wait for the traffic to clear whilst you have lunch and then carry on your way relaxed and refreshed.

Could you use a motorhome whilst visiting friends or going to a party? We recently went to a friend’s 50th birthday party and rather than drive home decided we would park up outside and sleep in the motorhome and even offer a bed to anyone else who needed it, once the house was full!

We have used ours for visiting friends for a weekend and instead of staying at a local hotel, we have stayed on their drive. We have been to Yorkshire and stayed at a local campsite in Wharfedale for a Godson’s 21st birthday, we will be forever known as the ‘mad’ God Mothers who turned up at one of their parties in a motorhome I am sure!

One Christmas we had four members of family staying in our motorhome on our drive – complete with fairy lights and decorations inside, and we even had empty beds in the house as people preferred the adventure of staying in the motorhome!

In the autumn and winter could you use a motorhome with friends to go to a sporting event for a day, like a rugby match or a October half term children’s outing – it’s a place to picnic or prepare hot food to eat if the weather is not good or its very cold and a base for the day. Perhaps you would use it next year visiting a County Show or making a full day of going to an open air concert? Think broadly, use your motorhome all year round and maximise your enjoyment.

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