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Movements or involuntary reponses initiated through an outside stimulus which do now not require enter from the mind. In a simple reflex, a sensory receptor initiates a nerve impulse in an afferent sensory nerve fiber which conducts it to the spinal twine. In the grey count number of the spinal cord, the afferent nerve impulse is fired over the synaptic hole to an efferent motor fiber which passes along the impulse to the correct muscle, generating the reflex. There are other reflexes which involve neural pathways related to the brain. When an ice cube is touched, bloodless receptors within the skin are inspired and that afferent records is transmitted to the grey rely of the spinal wire, in which it then travels via axons within the white depend to the brain. There, the sensory information is analyzed and movement including losing the ice cube (or maintaining keep of it) may be initiated. This message is despatched down the axons of the white be counted to the ideal motor nerves inside the gray remember. This efferent motor statistics travels to the muscles which provoke the reflex.