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Irresistible urge to start fires. Little is thought about pyromania. The term comes from the Greek phrases pyr (fire) and mania (insanity). It is a unprecedented condition, indexed below the heading of impulse manipulate issues. Pyromania isn’t similar to arson (deliberate hearth-putting), and now not all arsonists (fireplace-setters) are pyromaniacs. Fires are frequently began by individuals with this sickness deliberately and with careful making plans, as opposed to with the aid of coincidence. A key feature of this sickness is the presence of repeated affiliation with hearth, but and not using a proof of a motive or motivation for the hearth (including earnings or to cover criminal hobby). Nearly all pyromaniacs are male. Pyromania may begin in adolescence,but there may be no conclusive records concerning the standard age of onset. Similarly, there’s no documented hyperlink among fire-putting in early life and person pyromania.