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A pattern of behavior formerly categorized as a character sickness. Formerly listed the various character disorders in the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, the passive-competitive personality kind has been defined through some of psychologists and psychiatrists, together with Karen Horney, Karl Menninger, and Wilhelm Reich (18971957). Its important distinguishing function is indirect resistance to the needs or expectations of others via stubbornness, forgetfulness, inefficiency, procrastination, and different covert means. Rather than refusing outright to perform a challenge, the passive-aggressive character will do it badly or procrastinate till the cut-off date for its finishing touch has exceeded. Passive-aggressive people, at one time referred to as “ill-tempered depressives,” also are commonly moody, discontented, and crucial of others, and that they have a tendency to see themselves as sufferers, feeling that they may be singled out for horrific success and ill treatment by way of others.

In their interpersonal relationships, they’re not able to find a wholesome balance between dependence and assertiveness. Passive aggression also refers greater normally to a type of behavior no longer constrained to a sure character type and characterised by the covert expression of competitive emotions one is not able or unwilling to explicit immediately. Passive aggression can be expressed in an expansion of methods, together with tardiness for an occasion or activity about which one has terrible feelings or negative performance of a project one resents.