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The Ommaya reservoir is a plastic, dome–formed tool, with a catheter (thin tubing) connected to the bottom used to deliver chemotherapy (anticancer tablets) to the crucial fearful device (CNS or brain and spinal twine).









Chemotherapy can be administered to sufferers by way of various strategies relying at the type of cancer being treated. Some most cancers kinds reply properly to chemotherapy given by way of intravenous (IV) injection, and a few cancer sorts may be treated with oral medication. In both cases, the chemotherapy reaches its goal website systemically (carried by way of the blood). Cancers that have an effect on the CNS pose a unique challenge. Systemically delivered capsules seldom attain the CNS due to a network of blood vessels that surround the mind. This shielding protect is known as the blood–brain barrier. It acts as a filtering tool for the brain with the aid of blocking the passage of overseas substances from the blood to the CNS. To keep away from the impediment created through the blood–mind barrier, opportunity delivery remedies ought to be used. These treatments are together called intrathecal chemotherapy remedies. These treatments require injecting the chemotherapy at once into the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF). The CSF is the clean fluid surrounding the CNS. An oncologist (a doctor that specialize in cancer study and remedy) will determine the frequency of the treatment schedule and will decide if it’s miles better for the affected person to obtain intrathecal chemotherapy injections without delay into the spinal column or through an Ommaya reservoir implanted inside the brain. The Ommaya reservoir may be used in several approaches. Its number one feature is to facilitate the uniform shipping of the intrathecal chemotherapy. By implanting the Ommaya reservoir, multiple rounds of chemotherapy may be given via a unmarried get right of entry to web site, thereby growing affected person consolation and decreasing the stress and pain associated with repeated spinal injections. The Ommaya reservoir also serves as a sampling website online for elimination of CSF. Samples are withdrawn an analyzed for the presence of odd cells. Some physicians utilize the reservoir to deliver pain medicine, and greater lately, trials had been conducted to test the efficacy of using the Ommaya reservoir to supply gene therapy (treating a sickness due to a malfuncting gene, by using introducing a ordinary gene lower back into the diseased individual) to most cancers sufferers.