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Leuprolide acetate is a synthetic (man-made) hormone that acts further to the naturally occurring gonadotropin freeing hormone (GnRH). It is available beneath the tradename Lupron.



Leuprolide acetate is used basically to counter the signs of superior prostate most cancers in guys whilst surgical operation to get rid of the testes or estrogen remedy isn’t always an choice or is unacceptable to the affected person. It is regularly used to ease the ache and pain of women stricken by endometrosis, advanced breast cancer, or superior ovarian cancer. Two less commonplace uses of this drug are the treatment of anemia due to bleeding uterine fibroids, and the remedy of early onset (precocious) puberty.



Leuprolide acetate is a man-made protein that mimics a few of the moves of gonadotropin liberating hormone. In guys, it decreases blood degrees of the male hormone testosterone. In women, it decreases blood ranges of the woman hormone estrogen.


Recommended dosage for prostate most cancers

In men, there are 3 methods of dosing: daily injections, a monthly injection, or an annual implanted capsule. In the case of each day injections, 1 mg of leuprolide acetate is injected below the skin (subcutaneously). In the case of month-to-month injections, an implanted tablet that includes 7.5 mg of leuprolide acetate is injected right into a muscle. In the case of an annual implanted tablet, the tablet consists of 72 mg of leuprolide acetate. Both the monthly and the once a year tablets are specially designed to slowly release the drug into the patient’s bloodstream over the specified time. The monthly tablet dissolves completely over the path of the month. The annual tablet need to be eliminated after 365 days. In the case of self-administered each day injections, a affected person who misses a dose need to take that dose as soon as it’s miles observed. However, if she or he does not bear in mind until tomorrow, the overlooked dose need to be skipped. Dosages have to not be doubled.



People taking leuprolide acetate ought to not drive a car, cook, or have interaction in any hobby that calls for alertness until they had been taking the medicine lengthy sufficient to make certain the way it influences them. Leuprolide acetate may purpose delivery defects if taken in the course of pregnancy, and can be exceeded to an little one via breast milk. Therefore, girls who are pregnant or nursing have to now not take leuprolide acetate without first consulting their docs. Leuprolide acetate will even intervene with the chemical moves of start control pills. For this motive, sexually lively girls who do no longer wish to become pregnant must use some form of start control apart from beginning manipulate drugs.


Side effects

In sufferers of each sexes, commonplace facet results of leuprolide acetate include: • tumor flare, which is exhibited as bone pain (due to a temporary initial increase in testosterone/estrogen before its production is in the end decreased) • sweating accompanied through emotions of warmth (hot flashes) • loss of energy (lethargy) • despair, or other mood changes • headache • expansion of the breasts • reduced intercourse drive Other common facet consequences in women include: • light, abnormal vaginal bleeding • no menstrual duration • pelvic pain •vaginal dryness and/or itching •emotional instability • increase in facial or frame hair • deepening of the voice Less common side consequences, in sufferers of both intercourse, include: •burning or itching on the website online of the injection • nausea and vomiting • insomnia • weight gain •swollen feet or decrease legs • constipation Other facet outcomes in men can encompass impotence and reduced testicle length. A physician should be consulted at once if the affected person studies any of the above signs and symptoms.



There are not any known interactions of leuprolide acetate with any food or beverage. People taking leuprolide acetate ought to consult their doctor earlier than taking every other prescription drug, over the counter drug, or natural remedy. People currently taking some other hormone or steroid-based totally medicines should no longer take leuprolide acetate with out first consulting their physician.