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Laryngoscopy refers to a manner used to view the inside of the larynx (the voice container).



The cause and gain of seeing inside the larynx is to stumble on tumors, foreign our bodies, nerve or structural injury, or other abnormalities. Two strategies allow the larynx to be visible at once at some point of the exam. In one, a bendy tube with a fiber-optic device is threaded via the nasal passage and down into the throat. The other approach uses a inflexible viewing tube surpassed directly from the mouth, thru the throat, into the larynx. A mild and lens affixed to the endoscope are used in both techniques. The endoscopic tube can also be equipped to suction particles or cast off material for biopsy. Bronchoscopy is a comparable, however greater giant method in which the tube is sustained via the larynx, down into the trachea and bronchi.



Laryngoscopy is executed inside the sanatorium with a neighborhood anesthetic spray to minimize discomfort and suppress the gag reflex. Patients are requested not to consume for numerous hours before the examination.



If the throat is sore, soothing drinks or lozenges will probable relieve any transient pain.



This process carries no extreme dangers, although the patient may additionally enjoy soreness of the throat or cough up small quantities of blood until the infection subsides.


Normal results

A normal end result would be the absence of signs of ailment or damage.


Abnormal effects

An atypical finding, which includes a tumor or an object lodged in the tissue, could both be eliminated or described for further clinical interest.