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Pseudonym for a circle of relatives involved in a mental look at of the hereditary components of intelligence. The records of intelligence trying out within the United States has been tough from the beginning. Although psychologists attempted to behavior valid research and apply mental know-how to the look at of intelligence, a number of the early paintings turned into quite unscientific and brought about doubtful results. One case involved the descendants of an nameless guy called Martin Kallikak. This man produced exceptional lines of descent, one with a supposedly “feebleminded” bar maid with whom he had had sexual members of the family and one along with his spouse, reputed to be an honest Quaker girl. The offsprings from the 2 women generated two lineages that couldn’t had been more one-of-a-kind. The pseudonym “Kallikak” turned into taken from two Greek words: kallos, meaning beauty (referring to the descendants of the Quaker woman) and kakos, that means horrific (relating to the descendants of the bar maid).

The psychologist Henry Goddard (1866-1957) investigated these companies over a -yr length. According to psychology historian David Hothersall, Goddard observed that the inferior branch of Martin Kallikak’s own family covered “forty six everyday human beings, 143 who have been truly feebleminded, 36 illegitimate births, 33 sexually immoral people, 3 epileptics, and 24 alcoholics. These people were horse thieves, paupers, convicts, prostitutes, criminals, and keepers of homes of unwell reputation. On the opposite hand, Quaker aspect of the circle of relatives included only three rather mentally “degenerate people, 2 alcoholics, 1 sexually free person, and no illegitimate births or epileptics.” These patterns of behavior were believed to be the outcomes of heredity,instead of environment,even though the 2 environments had been substantially different. Goddard additionally believed that intelligence was decided through heredity, much like the inclination toward prostitution, robbery, and poverty. Goddard was also a supporter of the eugenics motion inside the United States. One of the answers that he proposed for controlling the introduction of the “defective lessons” was sterilization, which he endorsed as being as easy as having a teeth extracted. Later in his profession, Goddard retracted a number of his earlier conclusions and maintained that, although intelligence had a hereditary basis, morons (at that time a technical term) might beget different morons, but they might be knowledgeable and made beneficial to society.