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A sort of bias wherein one characteristic of a person or one element in a scenario impacts the assessment of the person’s different trends. Halo impact is a phenomenon that occurs while one is prompted with the aid of a person’s strengths, weaknesses, physical look, behavior, or every other unmarried aspect. The halo impact is most customarily obvious in situations wherein one person is liable for evaluating or assessing every other in a few way. Examples of such conditions include evaluation of candidates for jobs, scholarships, or awards; designating job or committee assignments based on perceived skills or beyond performance; and in comparing educational, activity, or athletic performance.

The halo impact can undermine an man or woman’s effort to be goal in making judgments due to the fact every person respond to others in a selection of methods, making true objectivity nearly not possible. However, the halo impact causes one characteristic or quality of an character to override all others. To counteract the halo effect, selection makers can wreck the assessment technique into specific steps, evaluating best one feature at a time, but human judgments can in no way be free of complicated influences.