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In psychoanalytic idea, the part of human persona that mixes innate organic impulses (id) or drives with reality to supply suitable conduct. Sigmund Freud believed that human character has three additives: the identification, the ego and the superego. In his scheme, the identification urges instant action on such basic wishes as ingesting, ingesting, and disposing of wastes with out regard to effects. The ego is that part of the personality that imposes practical limitations on such behavior. It decides whether identity-motivated behavior is appropriate, given the prevailing social and environmental conditions.

While the identification operates on the “pleasure precept,” the ego uses the “reality precept” to decide whether or not to meet or delay satisfying the identity’s needs. The ego considers the effects of movements to regulate the powerful drives of the identity. A individual’s very own idea of what is suitable determines the ego’s decisions. The ego additionally should “negotiate” with the superego (moral sense) in the regularly sour conflict between the id’s drives and someone’s own experience of right and incorrect. Repression and anxiety may additionally end result whilst the ego always overrides the identity’s extreme demands.