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In 1958, at the same time as nevertheless a graduate scholar, Lazarus posted a paper inside the South African Medical Journal describing a new form of psychotherapy that he called conduct remedy. He began his non-public practice in psychotherapy in Johannesburg in 1959 and, in 1960, he have become vice-president of the Transvaal Workers Educational Association. In 1963, Lazarus spent a year as a journeying assistant professor of psychology at Stanford University, and then again to the University of Witwatersrand as a lecturer in psychiatry on the clinical school. In 1966, he again to the USA as director of the Behavior Therapy Institute in Sausalito, California. That 12 months he posted Behavior Therapy Techniques with Joseph Wolpe. The following yr, he moved to Temple University Medical School in Philadelphia as professor of behavioral technological know-how. He became a visiting professor of psychology and director of medical education at Yale University in 1970.

Lazarus became the primary psychologist to apply desensitization techniques for treating phobias in group remedy classes. With Arnold Abramovitz, he become the primary to apply emotive imagery in treating kids. He studied remedies for alcoholism and was one of the first to apply getting to know concept to the treatment of depression. By the 1960s, it changed into clear to Lazarus that the remedy motion he had initiated, making use of the stimulus-reaction mechanisms of behaviorist psychology, changed into too restrained for effective psychotherapy. His 1971 e-book, Behavior Therapy and Beyond, laid the principles for what became referred to as cognitive-behavior therapy.