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The ability to slim the variety of viable answers to a trouble by way of making use of common sense and expertise. The term convergent wondering become coined J. P. Guilford, a psychologist famous for his studies on creativity. Guilford posited that a top issue of creativity is divergent thinking, the ability to arrive at unique and unique solutions and the tendency to bear in mind problems in terms of a couple of solutions as opposed to simply one. Convergent wondering, which narrows all options to 1 answer, corresponds intently to the forms of obligations commonly referred to as for in school and on standardized multiple-desire exams. In evaluation, creativity assessments designed to assess divergent thinking regularly ask how many one-of-a-kind solutions or answers a person can consider to a specific question or trouble. Some researchers have claimed that creative success honestly includes each divergent and convergent wondering—divergent wondering to generate new thoughts and convergent questioning to “fact test” them a good way to decide if they will paintings.