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Bitcoin is a virtual, decentralized, peer to look, pseudonymous foreign money based totally on cryptography. If that sentence made no experience to you, don’t fear – I’ll destroy it down for you.

 Digital – Bitcoins exist best as code, they do now not exist as some thing bodily. People can (and have) made physical representations of Bitcoin, but ultimately they’re based within the digital world.

 Decentralized – There is no imperative financial institution or organization that issues or controls Bitcoin. It is a set of individuals all around the world who run this system that continues the financial system jogging.

 Peer to Peer – You control your own Bitcoin, and while you ship Bitcoin to a person else, it goes immediately to them. There are not any banks or middlemen.

 Pseudonymous – While all Bitcoin transactions are publically viewable in an open ledger called the Blockchain (we’ll get to that later), the sender and receiver are most effective referred to as a string of numbers and letters. If you’re cautious approximately your identification, using Bitcoins may be finished anonymously.

 Based on Cryptography – The power of Bitcoin as a digital foreign money lies within the code, which makes use of sturdy cryptography to make sure that the cash can not be accessed with out right permission.

Bitcoin is the primary virtual forex that has those characteristics, and as a end result it’s miles the primary virtual foreign money to become extensively adopted at the internet. As of June 2013, it’s far handling almost 60,000 transactions every day, and this number is accelerating quick.