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A disorder characterized with the aid of the avoidance of each social conditions and near interpersonal relationships due to an excessive worry of rejection by means of others.

Causes and signs
The motive of avoidant character disorder isn’t always sincerely described, and can be influenced by way of a combination of social, genetic, and organic elements. Avoidant persona tendencies usually seem in childhood,with the appearance of immoderate shyness and fear of latest humans and situations. However, those traits are also developmentally appropriate feelings for kids, and do now not always suggest that a sample of avoidant personality disease will preserve into maturity. When shyness, unfounded fear of rejection, allergic reaction to criticism, and a pattern of social avoidance persists and intensifies thru early life and young adulthood, avoidant persona sickness is often indicated. Between zero.5% and 1.0% of the general populace suffers from avoidant character disease.