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Amifostine, sometimes called the brand identify Ethyol and as ethiofos or WR2721, is a treatment that helps shield unique tissues of the body from injury prompted via chemotherapy or radiation treatment.



Amifostine is a protectant agent that is used in combo with the chemotherapy drug cisplatin or in combo with radiation cure. Amifostine is accredited through the meals and Drug Administration (FDA) to avert kidney injury precipitated by means of repeat doses of the chemotherapy agent cisplatin in patients who’ve a analysis of ovarian cancer or non-small cell lung cancer. It’s also FDA accepted for patients with head and neck cancer who are receiving radiation healing after surgical procedure. In this group of sufferers, amifostine helps minimize radiation damage to the salivary glands, which will motive dry mouth.



Amifostine has been available on the market since the mid1990s. A clear colorless solution, it is administered into a vein before chemotherapy and has been shown to shrink kidney damage by better than 50% in advanced ovarian cancer patients who have got a couple of cycles of cisplatin. It is usually used before radiation treatment to prevent damage to the salivary gland known as the parotid gland.

When cisplatin is given to patients, it becomes damaged down into poisonous resources that smash cancer cells and usual cells. When amifostine is run into the physique, it’s broken down via an enzyme that happens in significant quantities in traditional cells but no longer in cancerous cells. It then is transformed into a substance referred to as free thiol, which mixes with the poisonous cisplatin through-merchandise within the normal cells and makes them unhazardous.

In sufferers who acquire radiation to the mouth area, including the salivary glands, the radiation causes the release of gear referred to as free oxygen species, which injury cells of the mouth. An enzyme in cells of the mouth breaks down amifostine into a substance referred to as free thiol. The free thiol blocks the free oxygen materials from unsafe the salivary cells and reduces the amount of dry mouth patients suffer from once they receive radiation to the head and neck area.


Recommended dosage

earlier than dosing amifostine in chemotherapy or radiation cure patients, intravenous fluids must accept to keep the physique good flushed with fluid and to keep a natural blood strain. All patients will obtain amifostine mendacity down, regularly with the top of the physique shrink than the ft. Sufferers must also obtain medication to help restrict the nausea and vomiting that happens because of amifostine.

Amifostine dosages will also be decided utilizing a mathematical calculation that measures a man or woman’s body floor subject (BSA). This quantity is based upon a patient’s top and weight. The greater the person, the greater the physique floor discipline. Body surface subject is measured in items known as rectangular meter (m 2 ). To assess the specific dose a patient is to receive, the body floor subject is calculated and then expanded by means of the drug dosage in milligrams per squared meter (mg/m 2 ). The advocated dosage of amifostine for protection of the kidney is 910mg/m 2 administered as a 15-minute infusion right into a vein. That is to  half-hour earlier than chemotherapy administration. If a patient has obstacle with this dose, the dosage can be lowered to 740 mg/m 2 .

The advocated dosage of amifostine for radiation remedy patients is 200 mg/m 2 administered once a day into a vein over a three-minute time interval 15 to 30 minutes earlier than the sufferer receives radiation medication.



Amifostine can rationale a cut back in blood pressure when it is administered. In the course of the 24 hours earlier than receiving amifostine, patients must drink plenty of beverages. When amifostine is being administered, clinical personnel can be monitoring the sufferer’s blood pressure. If the blood strain drops significantly, the infusion of amifostine might be stopped unless blood stress returns to traditional. The general practitioner will come to a decision if the sufferer must obtain any extra amifostine. Sufferers who’ve low blood stress to begin with or sufferers who will not be drinking a lot of fluids—known as being dehydrated—should not receive amifostine.

Sufferers with a recognized previous hypersensitivity to aminothiol medications must no longer acquire amifostine. Sufferers who could also be pregnant, pondering of fitting pregnant, or who have a history of heart issues or strokes will have to inform their healthcare professional before receiving amifostine.


Side effects

probably the most customary side influence from receiving amifostine is a lowering of blood strain, which occurs in roughly sixty two% of sufferers dealt with at a dose of 910mg/m 2 . This reducing of blood strain occurs inside the first quarter-hour of administering the drug. Blood stress is monitored in the course of the infusion of amifostine. If the blood stress drops to special degree then the drug is stopped and restarted most effective when blood stress returns to average. Nausea and vomiting are usual facet effects. They arise quickly and will also be severe. Almost always, sufferers are given drug treatments earlier than receiving amifostine that can aid avoid or lessen these aspect effects. Other part effects incorporate sneezing, hiccups, a warm feeling and redness of the face, sleepiness and dizziness, metal taste, fever, rash, and chills.

Infrequent side effects of amifostine are: a decreasing of calcium stages within the blood, seizures, allergy symptoms which comprise symptoms of fever, shaking chills, itching,low blood pressure, shortness of breath, and rashes. There were infrequent experiences of throat swelling, chest tightness, and heart stopping. All side results a patient experiences must be stated to their health care professional.



Amifostine reasons a minimize in blood strain and should be used with caution in patients who take blood stress lowering medicines or other medicinal drugs that will decrease blood stress. If sufferers are taking blood pressure medicinal drugs, they may be requested to discontinue taking these drugs for 24 hours before receiving amifostine. Patients must tell their doctors if they’ve a known hypersensitive reaction to amifostine or every other drugs or elements, similar to meals and preservatives. Before taking any new medicinal drugs, together with nonprescription drugs, nutrients, and natural medications, patients must notify their medical professionals.