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Buying New vs. Buying Used Motorhomes

There’s advantages to both purchasing your motorhome brand new and buying it second hand either in your community dealer or privately.

Purchasing your motorhome fresh from your regional dealer is good for people who would like to be the first to own and holiday within their own counterparts. You will also get to select the precise specification of the base vehicle and habitation component so you get the finished look you desire. There ought to be a range of extras and features for you to pick from, from engine size and functionality to curtain and carpet colour.

With a brand new motorhome, you will also have the satisfaction of a manufacturers guarantee should anything go wrong within the first few decades. Naturally, all this comes at a price, and therefore you want to think carefully about your budget and what you can afford.

If your budget is more small, you could look to obtain a motorhome second hand away from either the community dealer, who should stock a choice of vehicles that are used, or you could purchase privately. The latter alternative is often seen as the cheapest option and you might find yourself a deal from the classified advertisements, but it’s not without its risks.

Purchasing a motorhome independently, is similar to buying a car privately, so make sure that you’ve done your homework and made all of the required checks. Perform a MINDER check to check in the motorhome’s history – it will validate the seller, check for exceptional finance and ensure the vehicle hasn’t been an insurance policy write-off. Ask to see all of the paperwork and proof that the motorhome was serviced regularly by a respectable service centre. Check the motorhome is in good working order, both under the bonnet and in the habitation part.
Buying from the community dealer takes away a portion of this risk as the majority will sell second hand motorhomes having a warranty and will conduct a full service prior to placing them up on the market. Always check with the local dealer that this is the case.

If your used motorhome doesn’t come with a full service, it’s well worth booking it into your neighborhood merchant to get everything checked on before you embark on your very first vacation with it.
Before you make a decision on whether to buy new or used, it is a fantastic idea to find out what the insurance price will be. With a brand new motorhome, it’s very likely that your sum insured will probably be greater as a result of value of the vehicle, and you might also want to cover your new purchase on a New for Old coverage which may replace your motorhome having a brand new one should it be damaged beyond economic repair or stolen and not recovered.

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